Broadcast Management System

N-Gage BMS is an advanced System that is menu driven tailor made to the needs of Broadcasters and Radio operators. It consists of various modules associated with respective departments e.g. Ad-Scheduling (FPC and scheduling) and Billing, Collection & Credit Control, Integration with the Playout automation, as run log import, FCT consumption with MIS Dashboard etc. A fully integrated system to help and manage all the information and work processes of broadcasting business.

Listed Features

  • N-Gage BMS is a web based Easy to use and Intuitive application.
  • FPC and scheduling
  • Commercial Deal / Contract and approval
  • RO Booking with Dokit Booking Management
  • Booking Audit and Authorization
  • Scheduled/As Run Ads checking
  • Bill Generation and printing
  • Transmission Log (Insertion Wise, Ro Wise, agency RO wise etc.
  • Integration with On Air Software
  • Reminders and Alert System
  • FCT consumption
  • Schedule Registers/Revenue Reports
  • MIS (Dashboard)