The NewsBuzz app is designed for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPad etc. Columnist, reporter, journalists can generate stories and also having the direct access to modify the existing stories on mobile with the help of this app. They can get the notifications as a popup message on every new assignment. Along with this user can submit the stories for approval and set the rundown accordingly and journalists can also upload media. NewsBuzz app helps you to access newsroom remotely on mobile, iPad.

So what does ALL THIS GIVE YOU?

  • Freedom to create stories from anywhere, anytime.
  • Full text wires and story searching.
  • Rundowns script and media preview.
  • Low res proxy media preview.
  • Freedom to upload media from anywhere, anytime.
  • Realtime notifications.
  • Group Messenger.
  • History of submitted story.
  • Customize MIS Reports.
  • History of submitted media.
  • Based on user permissions.

Users can receive immediate notification when new stories arrive, with its easy- to- use user interface. Besides, it allows working with multiple workgroups.

NewsBuzz newsroom App is a holistic module in which anyone can create content from anywhere for all digital platforms - in real time. It is equipped with the world's best mobility features -it doesn't matter where the user is deputed or located: newsroom or on the spot of breaking news. It allows seamless and unbroken coverage of developing stories. With your Smartphone or tablet, using NewsBuzz mobile app, you can edit stories, view news wires, rundowns,pools, contacts, apart from sending and receiving videos, photos, or text.

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