Media Asset Management

e-Asset365 is a Media Asset Management or MAM system provides a single Platform for storing and managing high volumes of video,audio and multi-media contents. e-Asset365 solutions are well suited to the broadcast & print industries, this unique technology platform helps broadcasters and media professionals increase their productivity while providing operational and business visibility. Our MAM software helps companies and industries to preserve, navigate, integrate and monetize their bulk media contents. This ensures fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly-customisable site. Users can quickly search and preview media using online proxies, while the original high resolution content can be securely archived to disk or cloud system.High speed transcoding allows users to make numerous formats as required and deliver to editing systems, websites, mobile devices, and more.

Listed Features

  • Cloud based solution.
  • Integrated with NRCS.
  • Low-res media preview.
  • Social Media Integrated.
  • Powerful search engine.
  • History of downloaded media.
  • Scalable, Secured and Reliable Infrastructure.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Cross-platform.
  • Access from anywhere anytime.
  • Centralize workflow.
  • Based on user permission.
  • Support all languages.
  • Support syndication workflow.
  • Integrated with CMS.
Technical Specifications