Advanced Ingestion Module

CAPIO is an ‘Advanced Ingestion Module’ with multimedia streaming, transcoding, and real-time Audio-Video Capturing. CAPIO boasts of up to 4 Channel simultaneous ingestion from various sources and formats.

CAPIO is used in Media Production Houses, News Channels, critical archive operations, control rooms, media monitoring centres and TV channels worldwide.

It allows simultaneous content capturing from sources without any frame loss. Capture and streaming starts instantly with no lost or dropped video frames.

CAPIO Ingest is verified to be steady under complex & known for its robust operation, even in 24/7 operation scenario.

Listed Features

  • Scheduled capturing of feeds.
  • Upto 4 instances in a single screen.
  • Upto Four independent ingest channels using a single server.
  • Loudness/True Peak audio meters available at runtime.
  • Intuitive and Easy to use Interface.
  • HD capturing (optional).
  • File splitting based on duration.
  • Add Metadata during ingest including position markers, notes, etc.
  • Automated RS-422 VTR control with batch capturing lists.